"Achingly beautiful music for meditation of the highest degree, it is impossible not to be swayed by the ethereal majesty of this work"

Kevin Shelton, SURFACE NOISE, Melbourne, Florida

"Procession represents an hour of intensely bittersweet melodies by the creator of the most outstanding cosmic music heard in the recent years"

Marc Jenkins, ELECTRONIC & MUSIC MAKER, London, England

"Subtle, deeply emotional and beautiful flowing, this is music for the higher consciousness in each of us"


"XOLOTL has succeeded in somehow permitting us to tap our inner forces through his music of heightened awareness"

Thom Homes, RECORDINGS, Collingswood, N.J., U.S.A

"Quite simply some of the best symphonic music you will ever hear...XOLOTL is one of the most important composers of the future"

Archie Patterson,  EUROCK,  Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A

  "Bernard Xolotl is a meticulous craftsman, with a firm belief in the power of art and music. It's funny to speak of hand-made synthesizer music, but in these days of quick-fix perfect beat loop collages, the real work behind these rich synthesizer-violin pieces, created on multi-track tape and not computer memory, projects warmth all the way into your heart. This is not kitsch New Age, either. If anything it's of the Berlin Synth School, drawing a respectful inspiration from the 19th century masters, weaving a rhythmic and harmonic tapestry in subtle colors, totally rejecting the 20th century "dentist chair experience" music of dodecaphonists and electronic noise advocates, while also avoiding the over polished facile arpeggios of the New Age bin. If you like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, and wish Jean-Michel Jarre wasn't so slick, you should explore this and also search for Xolotl's other albums, which are sadly not easy to find. A critic put it very well once, that Xolotl's best work is "achingly beautiful." Finding these passages is its own reward."

T.Milosz (California USA)

"Bernard XOLOTL: Procession  Truly a beautiful album in every respect. Procession is a collaboration between master of electronics Xolotl and virtuosic violinist Daniel Kobialka and represents the perfect fusion of electronic and classical influences. Each of the four instrumental pieces features Kobialka's sweeping, mournful strings interwoven with Xolotl's melancholy synthesized orchestration, creating a lush, meditative mood which is thoroughly engaging. The production and arrangements are flawless, making this a very pleasurable listening experience."

Paul Lemos